Curry & Hurry
Spicy Indian Food. This is what Columbus set out for!
Fine Indian Dining, The American Way

Of all the things in the world, we love food the most. While the tastes of the world are as varied as the people who prepare them, Indian cuisine has always had a special place in our hearts. This unfathomable love for Indian food flourishes in Indian Sizzler.

Indian Sizzler brings you the best recipes from the length and breadth of India. Dishes that go centuries back in time and those which are new entrants on the menu of the cosmopolitan Indian are cooked with great pride in our kitchen. With careful study, Indian Sizzler have curated Indian dishes that best suit the American palate.

At Indian Sizzler, we treat your senses to an exotic, refreshing feel of the Indian countryside. We believe that dining is an experience people seek out. The food is certainly the key element of this experience. But it is also not the only element. Be it the subtle scent of tender Pudina that's adding flavor to the restaurant ambiance or the divine figurines and festive caparisons on the wall, everything at  Indian Sizzler are well thought out to give you the Desi vibes.

Flavors Unleashed

Spend a single day at Indian Sizzler and you'll be already fondling that memory in your hearts; seamlessly admiring that one wondrous dining charged with rich moments, tempting aromas, and captivating succulence of inviting Indian victuals. Cooking is an art and we artists at Indian Sizzler always found it inspiring to create masterpieces out of Indian spices and present you with cuisines of utmost savor!

The fondest memories are made when gathered around the table

You don't need to wait until the holidays to knit some joyous memories with your family and friends. Gather around a table of delicious food and you'll be surprised what the irresistible flavors can do to your happy hormones!