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To sate one's hunger and to fill one's belly are two different things. At Indian Sizzler, we love to serve to satisfy your hunger, to fill your hearts with contentment and joy. In this endeavor, we bring you the finest of Indian cuisine to fill your bellies with great food and your brains with joy!

Curry & hurry
Enjoy heartfuls.
Enjoy heartfuls.
Create wonderful moments with your family and friends

Looking for a wonderful restaurant to spend the date night? Or to throw an amazing food party with your always-hungry friends?

Calm down, you're at the right place. Enter the fort of spices and immerse yourself in the sea of delectable Indian cuisines, only at Indian Sizzler!!!

Feast on exotic dishes from all across India
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Curry & Hurry
Online reservations at Indian Sizzler

We always strive to provide the best dining experience for our guests. During peak hours, we expect heavy traffic. So to ensure that you never miss out on the Indian Sizzler experience, we have introduced online table reservations.

Call this number : (321) 603-2016  for online reservations.

The fondest memories are made when gathered around the table

You don't need to wait until the holidays to knit some joyous memories with your family and friends. Gather around a table of delicious food and you'll be surprised what the irresistible flavors can do to your happy hormones!