Curry & Hurry
Special Indian food for special occasions

Anything you can eat is food, but will you eat anything? When you are celebrating some of the best moments of your life, will you just treat your friends and family to anything? We hope you don't. For those who wish for rich and authentic Indian cuisine to add flavor to their parties, welcome to Indian Sizzler's catering services.

We are well versed in the incredibly diverse culinary arts of the Indian subcontinent and can adorn your occasions with Desi delicacies and traditional Indian food. Our preparations are specially curated to suit the American palate. Your gut will know it's a special occasion when you munch on our Indian food.

Make your occasions special with Indian Sizzler cuisine!

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Curry & Hurry
Online reservations at Indian Sizzler

We always strive to provide the best dining experience for our guests. During peak hours, we expect heavy traffic. So to ensure that you never miss out on the Indian Sizzler experience, we have introduced online table reservations.

Call this number : (321) 603-2016  for online reservations.

The fondest memories are made when gathered around the table

You don't need to wait until the holidays to knit some joyous memories with your family and friends. Gather around a table of delicious food and you'll be surprised what the irresistible flavors can do to your happy hormones!